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No War! Stay With Ukraine

Dear Friends! Ukrainian need our help right now! Every little donation will save a life and give hope! Donation wallets: Bitcoin: bc1q5jzk5xxez7xke82g4fslk2gaevx2syzyrx8vt9 Ethereum: 0xe8d995F329a2845628D747636738239Aa8A194A6 TRC20 – Tether USDT/TRON/USDC: TFtSZZ1d5FDKs3SXHvZPnTqXkbfvaCmQsb ERC20 – Tether USDT/USDC: 0xe8d995F329a2845628D747636738239Aa8A194A6 Litecoin: ltc1q27envtwjk25lz0pgzafn5ugwgrmp4q5dp3fuql Dogecoin: DJLfx2jvqS7t7DPdkqU39LUeoPP9LvioPb

August 8, 2023 0

One Drew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  The Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in The Louvre owing to the large number of love letters she receives. Imagine one of your paintings being that popular!  “Rachel doesn’t like to live in the real world. She prefers her fantasy lands and books” An accurate observation from my mother. She’s right, I don’t.…
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May 24, 2020 0